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Dr Kirsten Zimbardi's Research Workspace

Page history last edited by Kirsten Zimbardi 6 years ago

Welcome to Kirsten Zimbardi's research workspace


This is real workspace in action! 

It includes work that is currently underway and being developed, as well as recently completed work 

Please feel free to add comments :-) 


Dr Kirsten Zimbardi (PhD, GCHE) is a Teaching-Focussed Lecturer in the School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia. See Dr Zimbardi's UQ Researcher page




Zimbardi, K., Bugarcic, A., Colthorpe, K., Good, J.P., Lluka, L.J., (2013) A set of vertically integrated inquiry-based practical curricula that develop scientific thinking skills for large cohorts of undergraduate students. Advances in Physiology Education 37: 305-315; doi:10.1152/advan.00082.2012.


Zimbardi, K., and Myatt, P (2012). Embedding undergraduate research experiences within the curriculum: a cross-disciplinary study of the key characteristics guiding implementation. Studies in Higher Education, doi:10.1080/03075079.2011.651448 Preview


Myatt, P., and Zimbardi, K. (2011). Opportunity, Diversity, and Integration in Undergraduate Research at the University of Queensland. Council for Undergraduate Research Quarterly, 31(3), 42-47. View Paper


Bugarcic A., Zimbardi K., Macaranas J., and Thorn P.  (2012). An inquiry-based practical in an undergraduate laboratory that illustrates basic cellular uptake mechanisms and develops scientific reasoning skills. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (BAMBED), 40(3), 174–180. DOI: 10.1002/bmb.20587


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Publications under construction


Inquiry curricula development

Paper describing the design, implementation and evaluation of the first iteration of a set of vertically-integrated inquiry-based practical curricula for three early stage undergraduate courses. Current draft paper.


Narratives of inquiry-based curriculum

The experiences of students, tutors and coordinators who have been part of the transformation from traditional 'recipe' style practicals to inquiry-based practicals in biomedical science.

Flyer for the 2012 ALTC National Teaching Fellowship Forum on Inquiry Oriented Learning (IOL) in Science, 25 September 2012, Sydney


Student narratives

Tutor narratives

Coordinator narratives


UQ Teaching & Learning Fellowship - Inquiring Minds

Gathering evidence of students developing critical thinking skills in inquiry-based courses

Interviews with students

  • Critical evaluation of literature (video)
    • Helping students to understand how they are achieving the learning threshold outcomes (LTOs) set out by the Office for Learning & Teaching's Learning and Teaching Academic Standards (LTAS) in science. This video is of an interview with a first year engineering and science student about his critical evaluation of literature during a group project assessment task in a first year, first semester inquiry-based course. 




Zimbardi, K., Meyer, J. H. F., Chunduri, P., Taylor, C. E., Ross, P. M., Tzioumis, V. & Lluka,L. J. (2012) Student understanding of the critical features of an hypothesis: variation across epistemic and heuristic dimensions. 4th Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference and 6th NAIRTL Annual Conference: Threshold Concepts 'From Personal Practice to Communities of Practice' Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. Full Paper Presentation (Abstract) (Draft Paper)


Zimbardi, K., (2012) Student understanding of fluorescent microscopy as a research tool in biomedical science. ACMM22-ICONN10-APMC10, Perth Western Australia. Invited Presentation (Short Paper) (Presentation)


Zimbardi, K., & Myatt, P. (2011) A multi-disciplinary study of the benefits students gain from engaging in research experiences. HERDSA 2011, Gold Coast. Showcase(Summary) (Extended Abstract) (Presentation)


Farrand-Zimbardi K, Colthorpe K, Good J, Lluka L (2010) Becoming a scientist: the development of students’ skills in scientific investigation and communication through a vertically integrated model of inquiry-based practical curricula. International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) conference. Liverpool, UK. Long Paper (Abstract)


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